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Zoom wants employers back in the office – twice a week



“Deep problem solving with multiple people, building relationships and trust, having tough conversations, to name a few. That’s not [to] say remote work is not immensely powerful and here to stay. Which it is.”

Another criticized the mandatory nature of Zoom’s announcement.

“Mandatory days, in my experience, don’t work. [R]ather, outlining and being clear on what are the special moments/activities we come together for,” said Ryan Hopkins, Future of Wellbeing leader at Deloitte, via LinkedIn.

“Heads down work at home, heads up work together, meaning each team will have very different requirements with regard to hybrid working and one size fits all fits none normally.”

Google will begin including their employees’ attendance in performance reviews as part of a string of measures to ensure compliance with the tech giant’s hybrid work policy, according to a previous report.

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