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Workvivo Review



Employee engagement:

Using its integrated directory, Workvivo uses its active database of employees to find crucial team members for task-heavy organizational processes, initiate and develop discussion points for select processes, update on deliverables, achieve personal and/or organizational goals, and give share feedback.

Social professional intranet:

Workvivo’s centralized communication hub enables employees to manage work tasks and enhance productivity by merging messaging, documentation, and event notifications in a single platform.


With other employee communication apps and content management systems such as SharePoint, Zoom, and/or Microsoft Teams, Workvivo bridges the gap between third-party communication software and human resource information systems and makes a one-stop communication platform for employees.

Reporting and analytics:

With built in tools, Workvivo makes business leaders and human resource managers more efficient with their tasks by gaining up-to-date insights and analytical reports about the number of active users, trends in comments and likes in personal activity feeds/profiles, activity based on location, department, and/or time of day. To create a more detailed feedback and assessment, employees can create surveys and questionnaires to aid in gathering employee feedback.

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