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‘Workplace AI revolution not happening quite yet’: survey



The competition for AI-skilled staff appears to be getting heated elsewhere, with 91% of employers saying in a recent survey that they’re looking for employees with experience on AI chatbot ChatGPT.

‘Wakeup call’ for policymakers, business leaders

These problems indicate that an AI workplace revolution is unlikely to be underway in the UK, according to experts.

While many parts of the world are worried that AI could make millions of roles redundant, the UK is looking at a different problem.

“Our findings suggest there is a need to focus on a different policy challenge,” said lead researcher Professor Mark Stuart, Pro Dean for Research and Innovation at Leeds University Business School, as quoted by the university.

“Policymakers will need to address both low employer investment in digital technologies and low investment in digital skills, if the UK economy is to realise the potential benefits of digital transformation.”

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