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Will climate change lead to earlier work shifts?



“It is quite common for outdoor workers in July and August (e.g. builders, agricultural workers) to shift to an early starting hour – like from 6am to 2pm – to avoid working during the hottest hours of the day,” Lizana told the Daily Mail.

“Even shops are closed during the hottest hours in summer, closing from 2pm to 6pm and opening again from 6pm to 9pm.”

‘Immediate’ actions needed

The suggestion came Lizana and his fellow researchers discovered that the world will need to take “immediate and unprecedented adaptation interventions” to prepare for a hotter Earth.

Their research, published in the Nature Sustainability journal, attempted to look at the global cooling demand if the global average temperature increased to 2°C.

“African countries have the highest increase in cooling requirements,” the report said. “Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Norway (traditionally unprepared for heat) will suffer the largest relative cooling demand surges.”

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