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Why should HR Department and Branding Agency Collaborate Closely?



In companies, each department has specific roles it needs to fulfil. But aside from its own responsibilities, more often than not, departments need to work together and collaborate to achieve specific company goals. 

In particular, although not a common combination, companies make their human resources (HR) departments and branding agencies collaborate closely. But before digging a little deeper into the reasons why, let’s first understand the role of the HR department and branding agencies UK as separate entities. 

Role of HR Department

The HR department is more than just the department that hires workers for the company. It is a crucial division that manages all things related to employees or soon-to-be employees. 

Specifically, Entrepreneur defined the HR department as the department responsible for personnel sourcing and hiring, applicant tracking, skills development and management, benefits administration, and compliance with associated government regulations. 

Listed below are some of the roles performed by the HR department: 

  • Attracts and recruit talented workers by posting job openings, screening resumes, conducting interviews, and creating hiring decisions 
  • Facilitates new employees’ orientation and training
  • Addresses employee concerns, resolves work-related conflicts, and helps maintain a healthy work environment
  • Manages employees’ performance through evaluations, feedback, coaching, and rewarding achievements
  • Supervises the company’s compensation and benefits programs, which involves conducting salary research, establishing pay structures, administering employee benefits, and ensuring compliance with labor laws
  • Determines the training and development needs of the employees 
  • Facilitates offboarding processes, such as exit interviews, paperwork, and transitioning responsibilities

Role of Branding Agency

On the other hand, the branding agency is a vital aspect of a company since it is responsible for developing and managing the brand’s identity. Branding agencies work closely with companies to establish a brand’s image that attracts the target audience and creates a unique identity against competitors.  

Most companies rely on branding agencies. In fact, the global branding agencies market size was valued at USD 4.27 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow over the years due to growing demand and increasing focus on customer experience management. 

Listed below are some of the roles performed by branding agencies:

  • Develops a brand strategy, which involves identifying the target audience, defining the brand’s value proposition, and establishing the brand’s positioning in the market
  • Conducts market research, competitor analysis, and consumer insights to shape and establish the brand
  • Creates visual elements, such as logos and typography, that represent brand identity
  • Aligns communication and marketing to the brand’s image
  • Assists in managing and brand’s reputation and perception
  • Develops and performs campaigns to increase brand awareness and engagement
  • Works with marketing, sales, and product development departments to help make informed decisions aligned with the brand strategy and objectives

Reasons Why HR Department and Branding Agency Should Collaborate

After understanding the roles of the HR department and branding agencies, one can say that each department is responsible for entirely different aspects – the HR handles the employees, while the branding agency handles the brand’s identity and reputation.

So why do these two different departments need to collaborate closely? Here are some of the reasons why: 

Promotes Brand Consistency

Building a brand is difficult. But one of the things that will make things a little less hard is consistency. In fact, about 68% of businesses say brand consistency contributed to the growth of revenues by at least 10%. 

As the HR department is responsible for attracting and hiring competent employees, these employees handle and shape the brand. Thus, the close collaboration between the HR and branding agency ensures consistent and accurate brand message, value, and representation in whatever work they do. 

Helps Recruit Top Talents

When branding agencies are successful in managing the brand’s reputation, it will attract top talents to the company. People love to work for a well-established and esteemed institution. 

Working with HR to captivate talented individuals to join the company and work for the brand can help the company grow in the long run.  

Aids in Employee Retention

Aside from helping to recruit top talents into the company, the HR and branding agency can also work together in retaining current employees. A brand’s image should be aligned with the employee experience. 

Creating an effective employer brand, which describes a company’s reputation as a place to work, can result in a healthy working environment, a rise in employee satisfaction, and a reduction in employee turnover rate. 


The HR department and branding agency may have separate functions, but they can also work together closely to fulfill company goals, especially in building brand reputation. 

The employees managed by the HR department are the same employees that handle the business processes of a brand. The HR department working with a branding agency results in a consistent brand representation and helps recruit top talents and retain current employees. These are the reasons why the HR department and branding agency should collaborate closely. 

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