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Where is the happiest place on Earth?



By region, Central and Eastern Europe saw happiness go up across every age group. This is also the case in the former Soviet Union and East Asia.

South Asia and the Middle East and North Africa, however, saw happiness drop at every age.

Happiest places by age group

John Helliwell, Emeritus Professor of Economics at the Vancouver School of Economics, University of British Columbia, said the results of the study were “pretty striking.”

“There is a great variety among countries in the relative happiness of the younger, older, and in-between populations,” said Helliwell, who is also a founding editor of the WHR, in a statement. “Hence, the global happiness rankings are quite different for the young and the old, to an extent that has changed a lot over the last dozen years.”

Lithuania emerged as the happiest country for children and young people under 30, while Denmark is the happiest for those 60 and older.

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