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What’s the top driver for employee happiness?



  • Physical and emotional health and well-being (21.5%)
  • Engaging in activities that spark joy (16.8%)
  • Financial freedom (12%)
  • Helping others in need (11.2%)
  • Career satisfaction and fulfillment (7.9%)

Need for comprehensive benefit strategy

Tim Church, chief medical officer at Wondr Health, said their findings underscore the need for a “comprehensive benefits strategy for overall health.”

“By providing employees with skills and tools that improve their quality of life and physical and emotional health, employers can help cultivate happiness among their population to ultimately engage employees, boost performance, and enhance job satisfaction and retention,” Church said in a media release.

The Josh Bersin Company previously called on employers to implement a “systemic rewards” approach in their pay and benefits strategies.

Research from the organisation last year revealed that a systemic approach to pay and benefits include:

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