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What makes great places to work for?



Policy pull out called ‘overarching policy’, which is ‘do whatever is in the best interest of Whereby’. If you bump into a problem or unsure if there’s no crossover with your manager, make a decision that you think is in the best interest of the company and we trust that it is going to be OK. There’s almost no problem that anyone can cause that would be chaotic, in best case you made a great decision independently.

That policy has been very empowering for out team, for example, when you join company you are given a company credit card two week before and you’re welcome to use that for anything you need to unblock yourself for work … do what’s best for Whereby … you need a stock image for a blog post if you’re in marketing, no hefty procurement process, that policy have really helped the team to feel they are trusted and also enabled our team to learn.

They’re empowered with the knowledge that there’s nothing that you can do that’s so detrimental to the company, if we’ve given you the space to make a decision then trust you can do it and it’s going to be OK

Q: Learning and development of your staff

Lot of structure around internal promotion and performance recognition framework, also have credit card to use on a book, podcast, and finally, we have an exec reading list just go ahead and books around D&I, you can go purchase them. You can self-learn through the topics

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