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What is HR’s role in managing M&As?



“When it comes to our cultural development, one of the more significant developments is our culture code,” she says. “That was based on crowdsourcing our entire employee base. We have an annual kickoff which we host every year, where we invite everyone from around the globe to come in. It’s most often been in Toronto, because that’s where our head offices are. During these kickoffs, we celebrate our culture and bring it to life by awarding employees for embracing our culture.”

The company wanted to ensure it heard from each employee when thinking about its culture, says Kerrigan, “so what we did is lead the organization through a series of questions to really tease out how we want to show up for each other: What can our customers expect from us? What are our aspirational goals as an organization?”

How to develop a ‘culture code’

The culture code also serves as more than just an internal guideline; it plays a crucial role in the company’s acquisition strategy, as it is used as a basis to look at which companies are being acquired and whether they share similar cultural attributions.

“The culture code was one of the initial ideas I had coming into BlueCat because I knew we were going to have explosive growth,” Kerrigan says. “In the last year, we’ve done a couple of acquisitions, and that culture code has really driven not only our employee engagement but also what we hold as critical in what and who we’re looking to acquire.” 

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