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What are the top workplace jargons?



Among the markets surveyed, many from India (70%), Vietnam (58%), and the United States (56%) strongly agreed that workplace jargons should be eliminated or reduced.

The report found various disadvantages on using office idioms, which 60% of respondents said they had to learn on their own.

Still, many office jargons remain a mystery to them, including:

  • “Boiling in the ocean” (For US workers)
  • “Blue sky thinking” (UK)
  • “Boiling the ocean” (Australia)
  • “Keep me in the loop” (India)
  • “Feedback” (Brazil)
  • “By EOD” (Colombia)
  • “バジェット” (budget) [Japan]
  • “FYI” (Vietnam)

Disadvantages of corporate speak

But figuring out corporate speak can also be troubling, as many respondents said it caused them stress, slowed down their productivity, and left them out of the conversation.

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