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What are the top factors driving women to leave employers?



Source: Deloitte

In terms of career advancement, 75% of women said they want to progress into a senior leadership position within the company. A quarter, however, said they don’t want to citing reasons such as:

  • Not liking the company culture (23%)
  • Believing they would get paid less than a man doing the same role (21%)
  • Not believing they have the opportunity to progress to a senior leadership role (20%)
  • Less opportunity to do meaningful work and make an impact (19%)
  • Not planning to stay long enough at the firm to progress into a senior leadership position (19%)

Gender diversity in workplaces

These findings come as the report found that only 26% of women said their organisation’s leadership team is gender diverse, with only 11% saying their employer is taking concrete steps in fulfilling gender equality commitments.

“It is widely understood that more diverse organisations perform better, yet most organisations in our study are not making visible progress on their commitments to gender equality,” said Elizabeth Faber, Global Chief People & Purpose Officer, Deloitte, in a statement.

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