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‘We’re here because we have team members – without them we don’t have anything’



An integral part of Tyson Foods’ strategic evolution is the digitalization of operations. Söderström acknowledges the common challenge of implementing digitalization in frontline environments. The company reevaluated its approach, striving to mirror the digitalization efforts in HR processes, ensuring that team members could access essential services conveniently.

“For us to have the opportunity to get our employees engaged in training opportunities and encourage them through the guild offering to constantly develop themselves is a win-win-win,” she says. 

AI’s role in supercharging employee data

And you’d be remiss to talk about development opportunities without touching upon AI and the impact of generative chat. In the realm of digitization, Söderström envisions AI’s potential in areas like talent acquisition, reducing the time spent on manual tasks and enhancing the screening process – however, she is particularly enthusiastic about its application in labour relations.

“Think about all the elements that will tell you whether you have areas which are more exposed to people seeking to leave the company,” she tells HRD.

“There are things you want to understand about the overall environment around sites or communities and how you can create what I would just call ‘heat maps’. That’s everything that’s important for you to understand your vulnerability or your risks or your opportunities – put all of that together to truly understand where your opportunities are.

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