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‘We have no turnover in our office – and just a little in our stores’



It’s this kind of commitment to equality that defines Tractor Supply’s value-led culture – and draws a lot of candidates over to them.

“We have a lot of people coming to work for us because of our great benefits,” says Kersey. “We’re fine with people looking to work part-time too, because we want our employees to serve our community. We have lots of teachers that come work for us, electricians, plumbers – those kind of folks who might be self-employed they come work for us for the benefits that we offer. That way, we get a higher calibre person in our stores serving our customers – leaving us free to serve the community.”

Thriving in a talent shortage

This is invaluable during the ongoing labour wars, with organizations constantly trying to best each other in the fight for talent. In fact, 75% of employers globally are having difficulty finding the talent they need, the highest in 16 years, according to a report from ManpowerGroup. And this has only been booming over the past decade. Global talent shortages stood at 31% in 2010, jumped to 34% in 2011 and to 38% in 2015, followed by 40% in 2016, 45% in 2018, 54% in 2019 and 69% in 2021.

At Tractor Supply, the opposite is true. As Kersey tells HRD, they’ve seen a dramatic decrease in turnover lately.

“We have literally no turnover in our office – and just a little in our stores,” says Kersey. The one area that we did have to kind of work on a little bit is our distribution centres (DC). From January 2022, there was a merge of manufacturing and DC thanks to the labour shortages.

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