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Wanted: Employees with green skills



  • Manufacturing and Production (36%)
  • Operations and Logistics (31%)
  • Information Technology (30%)

Ongoing talent scarcity for green jobs

The report, however, pointed out that the ongoing green transition is happening at a time of growing talent scarcity.

Three-quarters of employers in the report said they are already struggling to find skilled talent that they need, while 94% said they do not have skilled talent to achieve their Environmental, Social, and Governance goals.

The gap in skilled individuals gets worse for employers searching for green talent – as only one in eight of ManpowerGroup’s respondents said they have a green skill.

The United Nations said green skills refer to the “knowledge, abilities, values, and attitudes needed to live in, develop, and support a sustainable and resource-efficient society.”

The challenge of finding qualified candidates with these skills then becomes the biggest barrier (44%) for employers in executing their green transitions, according to the report. Other barriers include:

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