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Visually impaired employees still facing hiring wall



It is this negative “implicit attitude” towards the blind that NSITE, the employment branch of NIB, addresses in its work connecting companies with blind employees.

“We’re all human,” said Jonathan Lucas, executive director of NSITE. “We all have our own implicit biases that maybe we’re not in touch with, and we create our own assumptions.

“That’s the hardest piece to help people with, who are doing the hiring, and doing the managing – that you have to be reflective, and be open to the idea that someone can use adaptive technology and be very successful in your workplace, no matter what the job is.”

A lot of companies think this is either an added expense, or an added path that requires time, effort and resources, Lucas said.

“And they may not want to be fully engaged in bringing on somebody who’s blind or visually impaired. But I think, as humans in an organization, that we need to understand that the biggest barriers come from ourselves.”

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