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Vacation guilt, economic uncertainty discourage Gen Z from taking time off



  • 32% of Gen X
  • 30% of Millennials
  • 22% of Baby Boomers

George Anders, LinkedIn’s senior editor at large, told CNBC that this could be because Gen Z employers are capable of multitasking.

“Gen Z is a generation that multitasks like no one else, so the feeling of being totally unplugged can be an adjustment,” Anders told CNBC in an interview.

How to completely unplug on vacation

To reduce workload anxiety while on break, Anders recommended planning in advance.

According to Anders, a conversation should be held between employers and their employees about what tasks need to be completed before taking time off, what can be delegated to colleagues, and what tasks can wait until office return.

A transition back to work after a break can also help, according to Anders, who also assured that an organisation can continue running while an employee is on break.

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