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Utah State University’s VP of HR: How EVPs have shifted post-pandemic



According to data from Hays, 58% of employee plan on asking for a pay rise this year – with 37% expecting to receive a five percent bump or more. Despite this, just 20% of employers plan on offering any kind of salary hike. For HR leaders, it’s about balancing the need to retain staff, rewarding them without breaking the bank.

“We’re looking at employee surveys adding in other benefits, things that are low cost but a bit more value for individuals,” says Bullock.  

Willing to quit for enhanced values?

One of the ways organizations can position themselves as an employer of choice in this competitive market is to align themselves with employees’ values. In 2023, two of the main attractors for candidates is corporate purpose and sustainability – particularly round diversity, equity and inclusion. As an academic institution, Bullocks says Utah State is committed to this in a big way.

“We’re looking at this generationally as well,” he tells HRD. “Knowing that we have not only the Boomers, many of whom haven’t retired yet because of the economic situation, the Gen Xers, who’ve really risen up through the ranks – and right behind those you have the Millennials, you have the Gen Zers, and some of their value sets are different.”

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