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Upskilling, development critical in wake of 2024 employment trends: WEF report



Discussions during the Forum also pointed out that employees also risk losing their jobs to people who know how to use AI, underscoring the importance of upskilling to catch up with latest trends.

More employment trends

Meanwhile, the WEF also reported on various trends that the world of work will likely see further this year, especially amid predictions of global unemployment going up to 5.2% in 2024.

According to the report, more women are expected to enter the workforce as more efforts are initiated to improve childcare across organisations.

“There are 606 million women of working age in the world who are not working because of their unpaid care responsibilities, compared to 40 million men,” Reshma Saujani, Founder and CEO of Moms First, explained in a session on the ‘Workforce Behind the Workforce’.

“Childcare pays for itself. When you offer childcare to employees, you get higher worker productivity and lower rates of attrition, and greater rates of retention. We have to look at care as an economic issue that world leaders must actually do something about.”

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