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Top 10 HR Stories of 2023



As we identify the workplace trends for 2024, we’ll also want to take a closer look at what worked for HR this year. And the top 10 HR stories of 2023 show a fair recap of the ups and downs HR pros faced this year.

The top-rated stories – those that our HRMorning readers clicked on and needed most – were full of expert advice, real-life strategies and best practices in HR strategy and execution.

Better yet, in some cases they were just the tip of the iceberg on trends that grew. At the same time, some of the top 10 hit on issues and ideas that never grow old in HR.

They include important topics, such as performance reviews, employee surveys, employment law changes and annoying behaviors.

Top 10 HR Stories of 2023 at Work

Here are the top 10 HR stories from our site in 2023:

5 employee performance review samples & 72 example comments

Employee performance reviews, coupled with ongoing verbal feedback, are the single most valuable tools a good manager can take advantage of to boost employee performance and business results. But, the value of those reviews is directly related to how well a manager can deliver a useful and focused review. 

45 sample questions for employee satisfaction surveys

Are your employees happy and content with their jobs? If you can’t say with the utmost certainty that most of your employees are happy and content, it’s time to do an employee satisfaction survey and find out. An employee satisfaction survey allows HR pros to measure employees’ feelings of contentment and empowerment regarding various components of their job.

49 best interview questions to check for culture fit

Someone who fits well within your company’s culture is more likely to stay on board for the long term. They’ll enjoy their work and have a high level of productivity. To find the best-fitting new employees, when you start your interview process, consider incorporating questions that can help you identify whether a candidate is a good culture fit.

Employees are back to annoying each other! 8 worst complaints

Employees are back – and they’re annoying each other already. So where will they take their petty annoyances and uncomfortable complaints? The line outside your HR door is probably already forming!

Top 5 employment law changes: What to expect in the next 12 months

A new report from a labor and employment firm reveals the top five employment law changes to closely monitor this year, according to insight gathered from in-house attorneys, HR pros and C-suite execs across the U.S. So what’s keeping your peers up at night?

Savoring the season: 11 fun fall team-building activities your employees will love

Whether your workforce is remote, hybrid or in-office, here are some team-building and cultural activities that your workforce will love.

Little-known HSA requirements: Receipts and recordkeeping

The ability to reduce taxable income and tax liability – regardless of whether an employee funds the account upfront or as needed for reimbursements – makes HSAs attractive to millions of Americans every year. However, because the HSA is so flexible and easy to use, people often forget (or aren’t aware) that there are a few important rules to follow.

12 team-building activities your employees will love

Team-building activities can often be met by employees with groans. The thing is, they’re effective and are needed. The right team-building exercise can bring people together to see things similarly and smooth over any cracks in the foundation.

‘Hush Trips’: How the trend affects remote work and productivity

Have you heard about the newest workplace trend? Maybe not, because employees have been quiet about Hush Trips: That’s when employees’ getaways overlap with their working hours and days, but they don’t tell you where they’re working and they allow time for exploring and relaxing.

Employee: ‘Anti-bias training clashes with my religious beliefs’

What should an employer do if an employee says anti-bias training clashes with their religious beliefs? A federal appeals court ruling backed an employer’s decision to terminate an employee who presented that objection and refused to attend the training.

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