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The summer perks employees actually want



Employee perks and benefits have been a hot topic of discussion in the working world throughout the year so far. Seasonal perks help mark the passing of time and can also play a part in ensuring that employees feel their employers are considering their day-to-day needs and preferences.

With the arrival of the summer months, the conversation has naturally taken on a more specific focus. In short, what do employees want when it’s hot?

With warmer climes in mind, Nigel Frank International, a Tenth Revolution Group company, has polled its network of recruitment professionals to gauge how four popular summer perks are ranking right now.

Survey Results

What would you want as a summer perk from your employer? 
Team outings 37% 
Company lunch 19% 
Being able to work outside 34% 
Cold treats 10% 

Nigel Frank International’s Chairman and CEO James Lloyd-Townshend commented on this new survey data, saying:

“Seeing team outings rank highest here is really positive, and potentially a very useful insight for businesses. Employees want opportunities to connect with their colleagues in social contexts away from their desks. If you look to plan team outings in consultation with your staff, you’ll surely find no shortage of great ideas because your team will all have different personal interests. One might suggest a trip to see a local sports team play, while another might put forward a visit to an exhibition. You can collate these ideas and put together a calendar of events through the summer months.”

“And even if your office has air conditioning, when it’s hot, people generally like to be outside. Working outside ranking so high here could also speak to the importance of connecting with nature and green spaces.”

“Things like lunch and ice cream ranking noticeably lower would also seem to tell us that it’s the larger, more intentional gestures that go over best with employees. So even if your business stays busy through the summer, it’s nevertheless a good chance to take the initiative and put things in place to support your employees’ happiness and wellbeing.”

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