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The 10 best HR analytics software we’ve reviewed



7. PeoplesHR

PeoplesHR is a cloud-based human resource information system (HRIS) platform that comes with an HR analytics component. The tool is designed to assist companies in different aspects of workforce management. These include employee data gathering and analysis, recruitment and onboarding, performance management, attendance tracking, and leave management.

The platform enables HR teams to store and organize employee information such as personal details, employment history, and performance records. The tool also simplifies recruitment with features like applicant tracking, job posting, and interview scheduling. PeoplesHR also facilitates employee onboarding by allowing new hires to complete the necessary paperwork and giving access to essential resources.

The software’s performance management function assists in setting goals, conducting performance reviews, and tracking employee progress. It also comes with a feature for managers and staff to collaborate on feedback and development plans.

PeoplesHR’s time and attendance management function allows employees to clock in and out, track their working hours, and request time off. The system can also automate leave approvals and ensure accurate payroll calculations.

You can find the full list of the platform’s features and functions in our PeoplesHR review.

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