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Tesla to lay off over 6,000 employees: reports



Tesla layoffs

The layoffs are believed to be a part of the global retrenchments previously announced by Tesla, which is expected to impact more than 10% of its over 140,000 employees.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said there have been duplications of roles and job functions in certain areas of the organisation after it grew rapidly with multiple factories around the world.

“I would like to thank everyone who is departing Tesla for their hard work over the years. I’m deeply grateful for your many contributions to our mission and we wish you well in your future opportunities. It is very difficult to say goodbye,” Musk told affected staff in a previous memo.

Tesla officially opened its Texas EV and battery factory in April 2022, and now manufactures some of its Model Y crossover utility vehicles in Austin, along with the Cybertruck. But Musk later called the Austin factory, and another assembly plant in Germany, “gigantic money furnaces,” according to CNBC.

Apologies over layoff severance

The Tesla CEO also had to issue an apology less than two weeks after making the layoff announcement after they found that some severance packages granted to laid off staff were “incorrectly low.”

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