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‘Terrifying’ trend: Over 11 million malware attacks recorded globally in past 4 years



Most targeted nations for malware attacks

Smalakys said threat actors behind malware attacks usually seek monetary gain, using their access to sensitive data to leverage a ransom payment or sell data.

“Malware steals data from places you may not imagine, including Excel sheets, browsers, and text documents where many save their passwords and other important credentials,” the CTO said.

By location, the country with most users experiencing malware attacks in the last four years is Brazil, with over 9.6 million users targeted. The whole list include:

  • Brazil – 9,659,846 affected users
  • USA – 6,966,426 affected users
  • India – 6,914,742 affected users
  • Indonesia – 5,354,246 affected users
  • Vietnam – 3,611,798 affected users
  • Egypt – 3,516,376 affected users
  • Mexico – 3,042,467 affected users
  • The Philippines – 2,926,483 affected users
  • Turkey – 2,888,663 affected users
  • Pakistan – 2,849,788 affected users

“Internet users are still not aware of the consequences these attacks may have on their lives,” Smalakys said. “Granting hackers access to, let’s say, your Google account, could initially block you from your digital life, given many of us use Google to join other platforms too.”

Most targeted domains

According to NordPass, most targeted domains of malware attacks are cloud servers, email accounts, and social media platforms. They include:

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