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Terminated Google staff file complaint with NLRB: reports



“Now, the corporation is lashing out at any worker that was physically in the vicinity of the protest – including those who were not at all involved in the campaign,” it said in a previous statement.

The group told Google executives that they will “not stop fighting” until the tech giant drops its deal with the Israel government.

“We will not stop fighting, and we will not back down. We will not stop demanding protection for our Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim colleagues,” it said.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai previously slammed the protest on a blog post published days after the demonstrations were carried out.

“Ultimately, we are a workplace and our policies and expectations are clear: this is a business, and not a place to act in a way that disrupts co-workers or makes them feel unsafe, to attempt to use the company as a personal platform, or to fight over disruptive issues or debate politics,” he said.

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