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SurveySparrow Review



This cloud-based HR solution enables businesses to create engaging feedback surveys to measure employee engagement, job satisfaction, and workplace benefits.  

SurveySparrow is a user-friendly omnichannel experience management platform that integrates customer experience and employee experience features. The platform provides a centralized dashboard where users can import contacts and organize them into custom lists based on job titles, location, and age groups.  

SurveySparrow also offers engaging conversational forms and tools such as matrix questions, rank orders, and drop-down functionality. 

SurveySparrow is an end-to-end omnichannel experience management platform. Among the customer experience and employee experience tools it offers are NPS, Offline, Chat, Classic, and 360° Surveys, which are highly engaging, mobile-first, and user-friendly. The conversational UI, for instance, delivers your surveys in a chat-like way, a technique that increases survey completion by roughly 40%. 

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