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Supply vs demand: Managing ‘the people challenge’ in manufacturing



Delivering on Financials

“By addressing the first three challenges correctly—predicting and fulfilling demand, maintaining a smooth supply chain, and cultivating an engaged workforce—the financials of the company will naturally fall into place.”

And add to all of those sector challenges the issue of people. In today’s tight labour market talent is constantly on the move – meaning that HR leaders have work harder than ever to keep a hold off their people. As Sathyanarayanan knows all too well.

“[The people challenge] encompasses various aspects, but the primary focus lies in retaining and engaging those individuals who have a significant impact on executing our organizational strategy,” he says.

“Employee movement is inevitable, and as HR professionals, we need to identify and retain top talent within the organization. It’s crucial to nurture and develop these individuals so they can effectively drive our business strategies forward.”

In terms of talent management, Sathyanarayanan emphasized the importance of differentiation.

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