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Struggling with the talent crisis? Here are the top 3 hiring mistakes of 2023



Mistake #1: Hiring too fast

Termuende says the first and biggest mistake employers are making is hiring too quickly. While it’s crucial to fill positions promptly, rushing the hiring process can have negative consequences. He emphasizes that, in a world where cultural fit is more important than ever, organizations must ensure the style of work aligns with the individual being hired.

Hiring solely based on skills, requirements, and education without considering cultural fit can lead to turnover and dissatisfaction.

“What’s going to happen is that you’re going to get folks with the skills, the requirements, the education, for sure,” he tells HRD. “But in a world where culture fit is arguably more important than it’s ever been before, especially with remote and hybrid work, we have to ensure that the people we’re working with are aligned with how we’d like to do our work too.”

Mistake #2: Not involving current employees in the recruiting process

Termuende emphasizes the importance of incorporating existing team members into the recruiting process. While recruiters and HR professionals play vital roles, involving colleagues and co-workers can provide valuable insights and boost engagement.

Since employees spend more time with their colleagues than with their friends and family, their perspective on a potential hire’s fit within the team is invaluable.

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