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Struggling DEI strategies at risk of cutbacks: report



Fostering DEI efforts

With the DEI challenge beginning at recruitment, many employers are offering the following efforts to attract underrepresented groups:

  • Updated benefits packages (75%)
  • Advertising roles in different places (42%)
  • Offering flexible working policies (34%)

To boost gender diversity, employers are also taking the following steps:

At hiring, employers are also implementing anti-bias recruitment strategies such as:

  • Training hiring managers and other staff for anti-bias (60%)
  • Setting diversity targets (55%)
  • Completing blind resume or CV reviews (46%)
  • Publishing neutral job descriptions (41%)
  • Requesting diverse shortlists from recruiters (35%)

“Although the overall implementation of anti-bias hiring strategies is relatively low, most businesses report using at least one,” the report said. “Moreover, 71% of those using a strategy have noticed a positive impact on workforce diversity, and 25% have seen a mild improvement.”

Amid the ongoing market uncertainty, Todd Zipper, executive vice president and general manager at Wiley, said businesses would be wise to prioritise and expand efforts to diversify their tech teams.

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