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Starbucks, Google face backlash over Pride events, policies



The allegations came from union Starbucks Workers United, who cited internal documents and testimonies from store managers.

“Starbucks claims that pride decorations haven’t been banned – but according to internal documents and store manager testimonies, their own responses have not been consistent,” the union said in a statement on Twitter. “Starbucks gives autonomy to local leaders to ‘find ways to celebrate.’ These leaders are the same ones issuing many of the Pride bans.”

Starbucks had strongly denied these claims, and on Monday raised the matter to the US National Labour Relations Board to file charges. According to the organisation, the union has “engaged in a smear campaign that includes deliberate misrepresentations to Starbucks partners,” CNBC reported.

“The union’s unlawful campaign includes, without limitation, making deliberate misrepresentations that include maliciously and recklessly false statements about Starbucks’ longstanding support of Pride month and decorations in its stores. The union has knowingly and falsely stated that Starbucks has banned all Pride decorations from its stores.”

It a second filing, Starbucks also accused the union of falsely stating that the organisation’s benefits coverage for LGBTQIA2+ partners had been eliminated or changed.

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