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‘Somewhat risky’: Employees from 6 countries rate their cybersecurity habits



Encouraging cybersecurity habits

Despite these worrying habits, Bitwarden’s survey also found encouraging trends across workplaces.

More than three in five (65%) said they have made some improvements or have enhanced their safeguards to security posture. More than half (51%) of the respondents who have adopted a password manager at home said they are more security conscious at work.

Another 45% said they reuse their passwords less frequently, and 41% said they using two-factor authentication for most workplace accounts.

According to the report, 45% of all respondents have also adopted passkeys, but 40% said they don’t fully understand their security advantages.

“Transparent communication and strong security assurances are essential to address these issues, boost user confidence, and promote broader acceptance of passkeys,” the report said.

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