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Roblox builds a virtual, 3D career center for recruiting in its game platform



Roblox has launched a 3D immersive experience for potential job candidates to learn more about the workplace on its own digital platform, according to Aug. 10 announcement from the company.

The Roblox Career Center offers early-career workers a place to engage directly with recruiters, attend live events and interview for a position with team leaders.

“While ideal from an engagement standpoint, traditional in-person recruiting has its limitations,” Jason Buss, vice president of talent acquisition, said in the announcement. “There are only so many universities and prospective candidates that our recruiting team can engage with in person.”

The virtual center will enable the employer to reach early career candidates across the world, he continued, “eliminating geographic constraints from the recruiting process and avoiding all that’s lacking in static recruiting approaches, such as web pages and video conferencing meetings,” he said.

Inside the career center, job candidates can learn about the company’s product roadmap and listen to stories from employees; they also can find clips from a podcast hosted by Roblox Co-Founder and CEO Dave Baszucki that focuses on technical challenges and innovative ideas in the industry.

The career center features a library with interview tips and resources, including books and other documents that cover the company’s history, recent innovations, approach to interviewing and a guide on what to expect during the interview process. Job seekers also can take problem-solving assessments to demonstrate skills relevant to open positions. The company said the practice tests mimic what candidates experience during the interview process.

For Roblox, the immersive experience provides a new way for hiring managers to introduce the company platform, culture and workplace dynamics. “What better way for candidates to understand what they may be working on than to experience features, like spatial audio and the ability to animate avatars with movement, right within our recruiting experience,” Buss wrote.

Talent acquisition remains a top priority for HR professionals across industries, according to a recent survey, as well as a major stressor. Recruiters may need to consider creative approaches of their own, including ways to capture candidates’ attention and demonstrate what it’s like to work at a company.

Finding high-quality candidates this year requires “strategic hiring” and positive candidate experiences, sources told HR Dive. That includes streamlining the hiring process, cutting time-to-hire rates and keeping candidates engaged.

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