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Remote workers less likely to get raises, promotion at work



Most productive workers

However, one revelation from the survey was that remote workers, though less likely to advance, reported higher levels of productivity, happiness, and reduced stress compared to both hybrid and fully in-office employees.

More remote workers (78%) said they have been very productive in the past 12 months, compared to hybrid (75%) and in-office (76%) colleagues.

More remote and hybrid workers also said they felt connected to the company (85% each), higher than their counterparts who are fully in-office (81%).

The findings also unveiled a contrast in the overall job satisfaction between the three groups. Fully in-office employees reported higher stress levels and dissatisfaction at work, with 52% expressing an intention to seek new job opportunities this year. In contrast, 36% of remote workers and 43% of hybrid workers expressed a similar inclination.

“Full-time office workers are the most stressed, which is likely driving them to seek out new opportunities,” Haller said.

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