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Rebuilding HR at engineering firm Pennoni



“I have an amazing team that helps, assists me in making sure that the day-to-day responsibilities are being taken care of, and that we collaborate with our managers as well as our colleagues.”

Luckly, the firm’s acquisitions have involved smaller companies that don’t already have an actual HR department, she says. But to contend with the 44 offices, Pennoni has administrative assistants or administrative service managers in each location to help out with tasks.

“In general, when it comes to onboarding for our new hires, we do include them as part of that process, in terms of making sure that they are collecting the documents or any questions or anything that they need from our HR team in the headquarters… they serve as that go-to person in-house to answer any questions or anything that they have, as a new hire. And if they’re unsure, of course, they can always give us a call.”

HR tech improves onboarding

Of course, HR technology has been a huge help in the process. Pennoni uses an ADP HRIS system that handles recruitment management. But there can be challenges when it comes to acquisitions, says Mack

“A lot of organizations, they’re not as up to date when it comes to the technology piece. They’re still using paper and things of that nature.”

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