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Rahr’s VP of HR: Focused on talent at 170-year-old, family-run business



HR inside the brewery industry

Schauf embarked on her professional career in the retail industry. It was there that she recognized the HR leadership position within her location as an ideal fit for her skills and interests. Assessing talent and nurturing people’s development came naturally to her, and she possessed the acumen required for the role. Over time, she climbed the ranks, starting as a small team manager and eventually becoming a Vice President of Operations for a global company, aligning with the company’s various locations. 

Rahr Corporation, originally founded by a German family, now boasts a global presence. It has locations in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. And it’s still being run by the family of a fifth generation – the CEO and president. The beverage giant was founded on the shores of Lake Michigan in 1847 by German immigrant and brewer, William Rahr. And, as Schauf says, over 170 years later the same family is in the driving seat.

“It’s amazing having that experience,” says Schauf. “He sits across the hall from me and it’s wonderful having that closeness to the founder’s families.”

Pandemic blues in the beer sector

Being in the business of beer meant that the pandemic hit hard and fast – with Schauf adding that they saw a change in the demand for products.

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