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PwC boss tells younger staff to return onsite amid AI-triggered layoffs



Younger employees more likely to come back

But there are research suggesting that younger employees don’t mind coming to the office for work.

A 2022 Unispace poll revealed that despite the “digital-only” stereotype among Gen Z employees, majority of them would be encouraged to return if it meant getting access to training (80%) and if their full team would be there with them (80%).

“While younger workers generally have access to technology and the digital skills to work remotely long-term, our research suggests that this group values the opportunity, collaboration, and support that a physical office provides more than any other age group,” said Stuart Finnie, head of design at Unispace, in a previous statement.

This 2024, nine in 10 employers in the United States said they will have implemented some form of a return-to-office policy by the end of the year, according to

“It remains to be seen if businesses will follow through on their RTO plans, especially when taking into account the recent backlash against major employers who have forced employees back to office,” said Stacie Haller, chief career advisor at, in a previous statement.

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