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Pride month shows employers have a long way to go



Despite rainbow logos and social media posts touting inclusivity, organizations still have a long way to go to make their workplaces safe spaces for LGBTQ+ workers.

Nearly half of the employees surveyed in a recent Glassdoor poll feared being out at work could harm their careers — either causing them to lose their job, be skipped over for a promotion or not be chosen for a project. 

At the same time, 40% of LGBTQ+ workers haven’t shared their identity at work, according to Society for Human Resource Management research. One in 5 said they thought doing so would affect their chances of being promoted. 

Employees also worry about where they can work, as anti-LGBTQ+ legislation proliferates. Seventy-seven percent of those surveyed by Indeed said they would hesitate before applying for a job in a state with anti-LGBTQ+ laws. 

Here’s a snapshot of the issues employees and employers are facing on LGBTQ+ front. 

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