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‘Overwhelmingly positive’: HR raves about chatbots



The pros and cons of chatbots

From HR, chatbots received “overwhelmingly positive” reviews. According to the Capterra survey, 48% of chatbot users called the quality of the tech “excellent” while 46% said it was “good,” and only six per cent said it was “fair.”

However, the numbers fall somewhat: 67% of HR employees with chatbots are confident that the tech is delivering accurate information, while 60% believe that chatbots can correctly process requests.

In addition, nearly half (49%) of surveyed HR chatbot users say they’ve received a complaint from an employee or job seeker about their chatbot’s performance.

According to Capterra, 15% received “multiple complaints” about their chatbots, while 34% received one in the past.

More than half (51%), however, have not received any complaints from employees or jobseekers about their HR chatbot.

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