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Over 70% of global workforce exposed to climate change hazards: ILO



In fact, the report found excessive heat is already responsible for estimated 22.85 million occupational injuries, 18,970 deaths and 2.09 million disability-adjusted life years.

Other emerging climate hazards

But beyond the excessive heat, the report also found various health hazards due to climate change that are impacting the workforce. They include:

UV radiation: It exposed 1.6 billion workers, with more 18,690 work-related deaths annually from nonmelanoma skin cancer.

Workplace air pollution: It exposed an estimated 1.6 billion workers, resulting up to 860,000 work-related deaths among outdoor employees annually.

Agrochemicals: It exposed over 870 million employees in agriculture, resulting to over 360,000 deaths annually that can be attributed to pesticide poisoning.

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