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Officevibe Review




Human resource managers and team managers can make use of Officevibe’s various expert-made templates, get a centralized view of engagement metrics for their teams, and answer feedback questions in the Manager’s Hub to resolve work-related issues.


Using Officevibe’s Pulse Survey to analyze employee engagement, benchmark performance ratings through measurable metrics based on tracking. Employee experience is easier with the reporting features provided by Officevibe. You can also make use of the eNPS report to discover how your employees see your business and branding/reputation.

What is Officevibe used for?

For employers looking to standardize and receive accurate and honest feedback from their employees, Officevibe may be the employee engagement platform to use. Designed to bridge the gap between employees and employers with accurate reporting and algorithm-based analytics, Officevibe can help growing organizations that need “cultural maintenance” in a world that’s focused on remote and/or hybrid workplace models.

Your business can make use of Officevibe’s Pulse Surveys, engagement insight reports, feedback templates, one-one-one meetings, as well as third-party integrations with Office 365, Yammer, Zenefits, and/or Google that can track day-to-day tasks and workflows.

Is Officevibe easy to use?

Yes. Officevibe’s simple and detailed user interface allows management and human resources to analyze and track employee feedback without pushing employees to answer complicated questionnaires.

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