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Office return mandates: Do employers really want staff back that often?



According to the executive, this is because employers “just know” about human behaviours and patterns, as well as travel, sick days, and holidays.

A report from recently Perceptyx revealed that employers are no longer pushing existing staff to return to the office as hard as they did initially, as the on-site pressure is transferred to new hires.

Insufficient office space

Mandating a lot of in-office days could also be a struggle for organisations as the report found that many of them no longer have enough office space to accommodate returning employees.

“If everybody followed the policies that are being put out there, a lot of companies don’t have anywhere near enough space,” Aspey Price told Fortune. “If every working team came in on those days, the chances of them having enough space are almost non-existent.”

This is likely why attendance rates aren’t increasing despite growing mandatory in-office policies, according to the report.

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