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Northrop Grumman’s CHRO: ‘There’s no status quo in HR – and that’s exciting’



“The number on challenge is talent,” she says. “Right now, our name is really out there – we’re getting a lot of visibility in the marketplace and have done a ton of work around our brand. We’re not just an aerospace and defense company, we’re a technology one too. I do think with the technology layoffs, that has helped us as well. So attraction isn’t our biggest issue.”

Northrop Grumman hired over 16,000 new employees last year – growing the company at an exponential rate. This means they’re focusing a lot more on development – ensuring that as people assume leadership roles they have the skills to thrive there.

“It’s about making sure that as people are promoted and they become leaders of people, they are assimilated, that they know our processes and practices. We want to ensure we’re continuously promoting and developing our talent. I would say the upskilling, the development, the moving around, is really our biggest challenge.”

Personalized development and AI advancements

And Addison’s certainly not alone. More and more employers are placing an onus on L&D post-pandemic, with employees opting to stay with companies that offer tailored and personalized upskilling plans. According to data from LinkedIn, 94% of employees say they’d stay at a company longer is their organization invested more in L&D. However, despite their desire for upskilling, 49% of employees claim they simply don’t have enough time to spare on learning.

At Northrop Grumman, however, Addison says they’re implemented new technologies to make the processes easier.

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