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New Jersey orders 27 Boston Market locations closed for wage violations



New Jersey last week issued stop-work orders to 27 Boston Market locations in the state, citing alleged wage violations.

The state’s department of labor said it received nearly three dozen complaints about the locations and an investigation revealed a variety of issues, including: unpaid or late wages, hindrance of the investigation, failure to pay minimum wage, records violations, failure to pay earned sick leave, and failure to maintain records for earned sick leave.

The employer owes more than $600,000 in back wages to 314 workers and more than $1.2 million in liquidated damages, the agency said. It said the company would owe more than $700,000 in administrative fees and penalties.

A state official said in a statement that the nationwide employer “needs to set a better example for fair treatment of its workers.”

New Jersey said Boston Market may appeal the orders, and that it has requested a hearing.

The department said it monitors locations with stop-work orders to ensure compliance with the order. A stop-work order may be lifted if and when any remaining back wages and penalties have been paid and all related issues have been resolved, according to the agency.

Boston Market did not respond to a request for comment.

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