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Nearly half of workers ‘quietly quitting’; 1 in 5 ‘load quitting’



“With a massive increase in the work-life blend through more fully remote or hybrid work, the job of managing has never been more complex – and never more important. Fully remote and hybrid employees are more highly engaged than fully on-site employees. But they also report higher stress and a higher tendency to be watching for other jobs,” says Jim Harter, Gallup’s chief workplace scientist.

Many employees are leaving less than a year after joining an organization in a practice labeled as “quick quitting,” according to a previous report.

Lower engagement, ‘load quitting’

North American workers were more engaged last year compared to the rest of the world, according to Gallup.

Overall, 31% of workers in the U.S. and Canada were thriving at work in 2022. Though the number was two points down from last year, it’s still much higher than the global data (23%).

Despite this, 17% of North American workers are “load quitting” or actively disengaged, up two points from 2021. 

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