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‘More like a family than an organization’: How WFH actually boosted Intel’s comradery



The virtual work environment provided unexpected opportunities for colleagues to understand their teams more – offering an insight into their home and family life. And, as Little explains, seeing people in their natural environment actually fostered this sense of comradery.

“I’ve seen more dogs and cats and kids in the last three years than I would have ever imagined. It’s been great to understand the whole person and what motivates them, why they’re coming to work, what they’re excited about. It makes an organization feel more like a family rather than a corporation.”

Balancing supply and demand post-pandemic

By embracing these little nuances, organizations like Intel have witnessed a transformation in their workplace culture. But it’s not all clear skies and rainbows. As Little tells HRD, the semiconductor industry, like many others, is facing challenges in balancing supply and demand.

“We had a great run during COVID because people needed to refresh all of their data and their laptops,” says Little. “That was great for us. Now we’re trying to balance out what’s the right level of supply versus the market demand – and do that well. So while we built this big organization, the demand flattened out pretty quickly – which surprized the whole industry.”

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