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More companies consider transitioning to become a skills-based organization



Udemy, an online skills marketplace, has released its latest report, Workplace 2.0: The Promise of the Skills-based Organization, shedding light on the transition to a “skills-based organization” where talent management is based on the development of skills rather than traditional markers like title or education.

Drawing from a survey of 1,600 professionals worldwide, the report unveils a significant trend: 84% of companies are actively considering transitioning to become a skills-based organization within the next year. Moreover, 75% have already integrated at least one skill-based talent process, such as hiring or onboarding. However, there’s a noticeable gap in comprehension, with leadership exhibiting greater familiarity with these concepts compared to individual contributors.

Greg Brown, Udemy’s president and CEO, stressed the importance of surmounting change management obstacles for a seamless transition. “Leading companies are realizing that skills-based approaches can help them overcome the challenges of sourcing qualified talent, while also supporting employees in gaining the skills needed to grow their careers,” he said.

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