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Mercado Libre to hire about 18,000 people: reports



By role, around 14,000 new hires will be for its logistics department, while 2,500 will be for tech roles.

It told Reuters that its hiring plan “follows the company’s growing performance and will help sustain the expansion of operations with the investments planned for the year.”

Massive hiring plan

Mercado Libre’s massive hiring plan this year comes after it quadrupled its workforce over the last three years, growing from 15,546 to 58,313 employees as of December 2023.

According to its latest filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission, it welcomed over 17,500 employees in Latin America in 2023, with significant growth reported in its Technology, Product, and Logistics teams.

It has the biggest number of employees in Brazil (22,791), Mexico (16,195), and Argentina (10,663).

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