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LSEG enhances parental leave offering



The period of paid parental leave of an employee can be followed by an eight-week phased return to work where they will be working about 80% of their normal hours with full pay at LSEG.

Employees with children who are in need of neonatal care will also have access to an enhanced leave, which will give them an additional 12 weeks of leave should their child be in need of extra medical attention in the first 28 days after being born. A child’s prematurity will not be a prerequisite to qualify for the additional leave.

“We’re continuously looking to introduce benefits for employees that drive inclusion, enhance the employee experience and help colleagues feel at their best,” said Bourne.

Regions where local laws provided additional paid leave beyond the 26 weeks offered by LSEG will also be honoured.

The enhancement to the parental leave offering will begin on 1 July.

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