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Leveraging AI to take on turnover and other HR challenges



ADP Chief Data Officer Jack Berkowitz is optimistic about the potential of AI in the workplace. In an episode of the HRMorning podcast “Voices of HR,” he said that if HR embraces it and uses it strategically, organizations can create a more efficient, more productive and ultimately more human workplace.

For example, it’ll become an in-demand tool for companies as more Baby Boomers retire. Industries facing labor shortages as a result may need to turn to artificial intelligence-enabled tech to automate repetitive, routine and manual tasks. Berkowitz said this frees up workers to focus on more strategic and creative endeavors.

During the podcast, Berkowitz acknowledged the concerns surrounding AI replacing human jobs, but emphasized the importance of understanding its capabilities, as well as its limitations.

“We’ve seen these waves of technology (before), and each time, yeah, some jobs will go away. But boy, new jobs and new capabilities and new growth always manage to (emerge),” he said.

“We should use it as a tool, just the same way as any other tool … the same way as you use your car. You have to be safe and you have to be trained and you have to know what you’re doing.”

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How AI can help HR right now

Berkowitz provided some prime examples of where artificial intelligence can be leveraged specifically in HR:

  • Automating administrative tasks frees up HR teams to focus on more strategic initiatives. He recalled a past visit to a customer who was deeply caught up in a payroll reconciliation that could’ve been handled by AI.
  • There are tools on the market that can help with tasks like writing job descriptions and navigating complex company policies. “A couple of my team members have just been out on parental leave. And that can be complex no matter what company (it is), with all the state regulations. … And so some of this … technology … can help summarize that information into some really fine steps that people can then follow,” he said.
  • Artificial intelligence can analyze your company’s people data to identify trends and potential problems, allowing HR to take proactive measures.

“You’ll also see the systems that you interact with change. You won’t have to enter as much data into … forms because the forms can fill (themselves) in and say … ‘Do you want me to take that over?’” he said.

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