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Less than one-third of CSRs believe employers care about their mental health: survey



Requested support

The findings come as 46% of CSRs said their employer does not provide initiatives or resources to reduce their stress levels or improve their mental health.

Some of the initiatives employers offer include providing mental health apps (16%), increased breaks (11%), bonuses (9%), among others.

But what kind of support do employees really want? According to the report, employees want “listening, awareness, and acknowledgement” the most (23%).

Their other requests are also cash-neutral in nature, the report said. They include:

  • More breaks (11%)
  • Offering “more support” (11%)
  • Dedicated days for mental health or recovery (11%)
  • Reduced workload (9%)
  • Speaking to someone (8%)
  • Increased pay or benefits (6%)
  • More holiday (5%)

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