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Legislation looks to protect workers from being managed by AI, bots



“Right now, there is nothing stopping a corporation from using artificial intelligence to hire, manage, or even fire workers without the involvement of a human being,” Casey said. “As robot bosses become more prevalent in the workplace, we have an obligation to protect working families from the dangers of employers misusing and abusing these novel technologies.”

New York City’s new law regulating the use of automated employment decision tools (AEDTs) took effect on July 5, and employers that use AI tools to make hiring decisions must now disclose this fact to candidates.

Casey and Schatz, alongside Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ), also introduced the Exploitative Workplace Surveillance and Technologies Task Force Act to establish an interagency task force to study and report on workplace surveillance.

Google searches for the term “employee tracking software” in the United States increased to 1,600 monthly in May 2023, up from the 720 searches in June 2022, according to StandOut CV’s analysis of Google data.

‘Safeguarding workers’ rights’

Several stakeholders commended the senators for the proposed legislation.

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